Minimalist Isolation Gown

2544 Leghorn Street
Mountain View CA 94043

UjENA Minimalist Isolation gowns are made with 100% Microfiber virgin non-woven polyester fabric. Each gown is hand crafted in our own factories. All employees are protected and safe at all times. One size fits all.


Very adjustable. Unisex Bias at neck. Ties at Neck. Raglan shoulder Raglan Sleeve 34" from collar seam to wrist. Firm fit cardigan at wrists. Adjustable ties around waist. Waist measures comfortable for 28" to 48". Length (from neck to hem) 47". These gowns are washable. They are sold in packges of one dozen units.

The fabric is Microfiber, virgin non-woven, water resistant 100% polyester.

Product number: Q909

Available in Five Colors: Royal Blue (Q909BL), Black (Q909BK), and White (Q909WH)

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PPE by UjENA is a divsion of an American sportswear apparel company founded in 1984. UjENA has designed, manufactured and shipped unique quality product to millions of customers around the world.

Bob Anderson is the CEO and founder of UjENA. Before UjENA, at the age of 17 he published his first magazine, Runner's World. Runner's World became the bible for the sport of running. By 1984 readership reached 2.5 million. Before 1984 he had also published over 100 lifestyle books including Dr. Sheehan on Running, which made the NY Times Best Seller list. He also founded Starting Line Sports in 1972 which was one of the first exclusive running store in the country. He had two stores and a thriving mail order business.

In 1984, Bob sold Runner's World and bought his first sewing machine. This was the start of the apparal line. UjENA is still located in Mountain View, California and has an office and factory in La PieDad, Mexico. Additionally, Bob has a UjENA office and UjENA Fit Club training camp in Thika, Kenya.

On April 9, 2020 his wife, who is UjENA's head designer, Catherine and Bob set up a new division of UjENA called PPE by UjENA.

"Why you might ask? Simple," says Bob. "The world has changed. How we do business has changed. Since 1984, my business has been manufacturing sportswear... we love it. But the pandemic changed our business and it forced us to look into some new arenas. What began with us making cloth face masks quickly turned into a Dentist friend of ours suggesting that we create a gown.

"He was frustrated with his current supplier, the quality was not what he wanted and he said an added collar would be great! We made him a sample, he loved it and here we are! Since then, we have had the pleasure of talking with dentists from all over California, New York and Texas. Every single dentist I have worked with has been nothing short of amazing. I knew instantly that this is an underserved area with great customers, serving their local communities."

Catherine is working on many new designs for PPE by UjENA listening to Dentists needs. More quality product will be introduced soon.

Since Bob and Catherine always likes to give back and help people. They decided to launch the MyBestDentists website. UjENA's webmaster for over the last 15 years, Waitman Gobble, took on the challenge and here we are. We look forward to working together with you.

Map of PPE by UjENA 2544 Leghorn Street, Mountain View CA 94043

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