Sahlgrenska Academy Institute of Odontology

School of Dentistry
Medicinaregatan 12 A-G
Gothenburg Sweden 413 90

The institute was originally started in 1967 and is now one of six institutes of the Sahlgrenska academy. The main assignment is education and research in the subject field odontology.

The institute offers:

undergraduate studies in Dental Hygiene,

Dental Laboratory Technology,


Postgraduate studies offered are:

Doctorate programme leading to a PhD degree,

Post-doctoral certificate programmes in dentistry in collaboration with the Public Dental Care, Region Västra Götaland.

Sahlgrenska academy -the medical faculty at University of Gothenburg-conduct education and research in health, medicine and dental care.

Within our walls researchers and students coexists, always in close contact with the public health care system and their practice.

Here you will also find innovative international research, such as the world's first successful uterine transplant and dental research, ranked as number five in the world.

Sahlgrenska academy collaborates within educational efforts and research, over scientific boundaries and not least together with society and the industry. This makes Sahlgrenska Academy an important part of the society and at the same time a strong force in matters of health and life science.

A number of researchers at the Sahlgrenska Academy have made significant contributions to social development by commercialising the knowledge gained in their research. For example Nobel Laureate professor Arvid Carlsson whose discovery on dopamine has led to medication for diseases as Parkinson.

Map of Sahlgrenska Academy Institute of Odontology School of Dentistry, Medicinaregatan 12 A-G, Gothenburg Sweden 413 90

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