University of Groningen Dental School

School of Dentistry
Broerstraat 5 Groninga
Groningen Netherlands 9712 CP

The Dentistry programme provides training to become a dentist. It is mainly practical in nature, with a special learning cycle centred around the patient’s problems. This practical approach to teaching provides students with the best preparation for the dental profession. This page provides more information on this programme and the admission procedure.


Developing academic talent is one of the University of Groningen's key activities. The University has different target groups: students, academic staff at all levels, and also primary and secondary school pupils.

The faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Groningen is the second oldest medical faculty in The Netherlands. Like the university, it was established in 1614. Ever since the foundation of the Groningen University Hospital in 1797, hospital and faculty are cooperating closely.

The University of Groningen is a 400-year old university located in the North of the Netherlands. It belongs to the top research universities in Europe and is committed to high quality teaching and research. We offer over 100 degree programs in English, in virtually every field.

The University of Groningen provides high quality teaching and research, is internationally oriented, respects differences in ambition and talent, works actively with business, the government and the public, and ranks among the best universities in Europe.

Map of University of Groningen Dental School School of Dentistry, Broerstraat 5 Groninga, Groningen Netherlands 9712 CP

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