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Short-Term Tooth Pain: When To Be Worried

You are enjoying your day, going about work as usual, when suddenly you feel a jolt of sharp pain running up your tooth. Or perhaps you spontaneously get a toothache even though you haven’t been chewing on anything. Maybe your gums feel sore just randomly during the day.

What is the cause of this sudden outburst of pain? Is it something to be worried about? Our friendly team at My Dentist Upland can help you get to the bottom of this mystery discomfort. Sometimes, it isn’t a big deal, and you can continue investing in good oral hygiene to get rid of the discomfort. But in other cases, this sudden pain may be a sign of something more serious.

Let’s take a look at some of these reasons for tooth pain, and their associated symptoms, so you know when you need to make an appointment with your dental care professionals.

Tooth Cavity

One of the most common reasons for sudden tooth pain or sensitivity could be because of tooth decay. This is usually called a “cavity”. This happens when a part of your tooth decays due to a buildup of bacteria, tartar, or plaque, and you should get it taken care of before you develop an infection.

If you are feeling sudden pain in this area, this means the decay is starting to become infected, so it’s important to visit your dentist ASAP to get the cavity filled.

Grinding Your Teeth or Clenching Your Jaws

Do you deal with a lot of stress in your daily life? Most people do, but the ways in which we deal with stress can be very different. For example, some people grind their teeth or clench their jaws down even without realizing it. This constant strain on your teeth can cause tooth sensitivity and dull pain, as well as headaches.

According to Healthine, there are many reasons why you may grind your teeth. It may not always have to do with stress and anxiety, but those are big contributing factors. No matter the reason, this can cause sudden pain in your teeth as they become weak to the sustained pressure. You should visit a dentist right away.

Receding Gums

If the pain is centered around your gums, rather than your teeth, this could be a sign that you are dealing with some issues with your gums. First, it’s important to know that receding gum tissue wears over time, and can weaken with age. Gums tend to recede naturally, but rapid recession is cause for concern. Gum recession can lead to the roots of your teeth being exposed, making you more prone to infections. If you are feeling really sensitive, have the dentist take a look at your gums as well as your teeth.

Gum Infection

Another reason to focus on your gums during sudden tooth pain is due to the fact that you may have a form of gum disease. This is known as gingivitis, and can later develop into something more serious known as periodontal disease. According to the CDC, gum disease affects almost half of American adults over 30. Although it is fairly common, it is still something very serious that needs to be looked at by a gum specialist right away.

Dental Procedures or Products

Of course, it could be possible that a previous procedure or product is causing your teeth to hurt. For example, if you recently got a filling, the drill work may make your teeth more sensitive. This type of sensitivity is temporary and should go away within a couple of weeks.

Some over-the-counter dental products, especially teeth whitening strips or bleaching products, can also cause sensitivity. Usually, this is due to an adverse reaction to a chemical in the product and you should stop using it until you can identify the source of the problem.

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