Sami A Bahri has offices in Jacksonville, FL 32256-2012 and is a licensed Dentist in the state of FL. For more information and to set up an appointment call 904-448-9669. License #12122.

Bahri Dental Group

Sami A Bahri
8131 Baymeadows Cir W
Ste 102
Jacksonville FL 32256-2012
License: 12122 FL

Welcome to Bahri Dental Group

You will love your smile after a visit to the Bahri Dental Group in Jacksonville, FL. We are proud of the personalized and comprehensive care we bring to each of our patients. Dr. Bahri pioneered Lean Dentistry: meaning you won’t have to take as much time away from work or family or wait weeks to see a dentist. For most patients we can diagnose and treat our patients the same appointment.


Dr. Sami Bahri was born in Lebanon where he received his dental degree from Saint Joseph Jesuit University. He spent three years in Paris, France specializing in dental prosthetics, and upon his return to Lebanon, he started teaching dentistry.

Soon he became chairman of the Fixed Prosthodontics department, and in 1984 was appointed as the founding director of the dental school at the Lebanese University. In 1990, he moved to Jacksonville, FL with his wife Dr. Micheline Baz Bahri and co-founded Bahri Dental Group with his brother, Dr. Gaby Bahri. They have been providing their dental services to Jacksonville ever since. Dr. Sami is the first "Lean" dentist, the author of the internationally recognized workbook: "Follow the learner" and the winner of the Shingo Prize.

He was a pioneer at implementing Toyota production principals in is dental office: just in time and one piece flow, resulting in no wait, no waste. He lectures across the US and has made Bahri Dental Group a beacon of dental management that many companies visit and learn from.

Dr. Micheline Baz graduated at 22, with Honors, from the Faculté Française de Médecine Dentaire (Beirut, Lebanon). She ran her solo practice while studying for a post-doc in Dental Materials. In the early 80's, she took part in founding the Lebanese University's dental school, where she taught Prosthodontics for ten years.

In 1990, she moved to the US where she attended, and later on taught, dental review courses with Board Preps. Dr. Baz and her husband Dr. Sami Bahri opened their first dental office in Jacksonville, FL. Since then, she has played an active role in its management and continuous improvement while practicing dentistry part-time. She is famous for her painless anesthesia delivery and her keen attention to detail.

Dr. Baz Bahri is an active member of the ADA, FDA, JDS and NEDDA and stays up-to-date through CE classes and hands on sessions. She has offered more than 20 years of various volunteer work across the Jacksonville community. She is fluent in English, French, Arabic and Lebanese.

Map of Bahri Dental Group 8131 Baymeadows Cir W, Ste 102, Jacksonville FL 32256-2012

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