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My Best Dentists is sponsored by UjENA Dental.  Our mission is to help promote dentists, the dental industry and supply quality PPE apparel products. Dental offices who are UjENA Dental (PPE by UjENA) clients are featured below. 

My BEST Dentists and PPE by UjENA (UjENA DENTAL) is headed up by Bob and Catherine Anderson (co-owners and operators). Before starting the UjENA apparel company in 1984, Bob founded and published Runner's World Magazine for 18 years building it to a monthly readership of 2.5 million.

Bob Anderson CEO/Founder PPE by UjENA Editor/Publisher of My BEST Dentists.   Office 650-938-1005  

Catherine Anderson  VP/designer UjENA  Office 650-938-1005

UjENA International, 1350 Bear Ave, Mountain View, California 94043 USA


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