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What Are The 3 Causes Of Toothache And How To Prevent It?

What are the three main causes of toothache? And how to prevent it. Today we’re going to share with you the three most common causes of toothache and how you could prevent it.

Hi, Dr Fong here. I’m the principal dentist at Dental House Group.

When I was treating a young girl Sarah here from Sunbury yesterday her mum asked me, “What can cause tooth ache?” so that’s why I’ve decided to create this video, to share it with everyone.

Tooth Decay

Did you know that you can actually have tooth decay and it won’t hurt until it hits the nerve? The ways to prevent pain are, number one, eat less sugar. Number two, good oral hygiene and dental visits every six months, and with x-rays usually every two years. If you follow these protocols, if you have tooth decay, we can fix it with a filling before it hits the nerve so you won’t need a root canal, or take the tooth out, which will be more expensive and mentally traumatic for a lot of patients.

Gum Disease

The way to prevent that is good oral hygiene, once again, frequent visits to see your hygienist usually twice a year to clean away all the bacteria inside your gums; reduce risk factors such as smoking. Did you know that 53% of people who smoke have gum disease? Smoking is proven to be the major risk factor for gum disease. Diabetes is very closely related to gum disease as well. So by staying healthy and have a good diet, they all help.

Wisdom Teeth

The simple way to avoid tooth aches for wisdom teeth is to have them removed before they cause problems.

If you found this video to be useful, comment below. We love your feedback.

Know someone who haven’t been to the dentist for a long time because they are anxious with seeing a dentist? All our dentists and therapists here at Dental House are very gentle and compassionate. We would love to help so they won’t get to a stage of getting a toothache.

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