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What Not To Do When Brushing Your Teeth

Everyone knows how important oral hygiene is, so we are going to go over common mistakes people make when brushing their teeth, by telling you what not to do!

What NOT to Do:

1. Don’t Brush Your Teeth just ONCE a day. Millions of bacteria and a significant amount of plaque can grow in your mouth within 24 hours. While most dentists recommend brushing your teeth after each meal, you should at least brush after breakfast at before bed. 

2. Don’t Brush Too Often. This rule may seem to contradict the one above, but what we mean by brushing too often is four or five times a day. Brushing three times a day is ideal, as too much brushing wears away tooth enamel and can irritate your gums. Brushing too often can lead to infection and inflammation.  

3. Don’t Brush at a 90-Degree Angle. Instead, brush at a 45-degree angle. This allows the brush to get close to your gum line, where most dental problems start.

4. Don’t Brush in a Straight Line. Circular motions are best for brushing, as brushing in a back and forth motion can make your teeth rough and dull from ridges in the enamel. 

5. Don’tBrush Too Roughly. Brushing your teeth should not be like using sandpaper on rough wood. Be gentle on your teeth; being too rough can damage enamel and irritate your gums.

6. Don’t Use a Stiff–Bristled Brush. If you haven’t noticed by now, rougher isn’t better. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush, which will decrease the trauma to your teeth and gums. It will remove the same amount of “stuff” and it won’t wear down your teeth or gums. 

7. Don’t Floss After Brushing. Floss BEFORE brushing. Flossing removes particles a brush will miss. By flossing before you brush, it exposes surfaces that will benefit from fluoride in toothpaste, which is great for overall oral health. 

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